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Our latest aquisition, Sibiu farm,  located in Vestem Village, a few km. from Sibiu,  was aquired in December 2015. The farm consists of 30,000 m2 buildings. Three of the buildings have been relatively renovated and put into production since February 2016.

It is planned that the farm will go through a complete renovation project starting with september 2016. The renovation is scheduled to be finalizat in september 2017.

Info about the production

Currently there are around 6.600 finisher pigs housed in the 3 running buildings.

When the farm will be fully renovated, the annual  projected capacity  of production will be 171,000 slaughter pigs per year.

Currently there are 3 production employees at Sibiu farm.

Regional manager – Daniel Mazare

M. +40 799 731 429