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Sibioara Feed Factory

To assure high quality feed for our pig production, we chose to produce the feed in our own feed factories. In this way we have a very strict control over the quality of the feed. It also allows us to set higher quality and composition standards.
Our Sibioara feed factory comprises of 4 silos of 4.000 tone capacity each. With ongoing production, our Sibioara feed factory produces the necessary feed for our largest pig production sites: Sibioara and Fantanele farms. The two farms have a total combined production of over 225.000 pigs per year. The group produced over 400.000 pigs in 2017, and it’s countinuously increasing its production capacity.

The construction of the feed factory was finalized in 2015, as part of a large modernization and expansion project conducted by Premium Porc Group. The two years project included a significant capacity increase for the Fantanele and Sibioara farms, as well as building a new feed factory.
The factory has a production capacity of 78.000 tons of feed per year. We produce 13 different types of feed, to better suit the production needs, with variable composition and granulation for each feed. We can produce up to 50 different types of recipes, if needed, given the advanced technology used.

Within the feed factory, we are using modern, highly efficient machinery created on Danish technology. We also use advanced integrated software that allows a high degree of automation as well as detailed control over the quantities of cereals.
The feed factory has its own laboratory used for the analysis of acquired cereals. High standards are set for the quality of the cereals we buy. We test each cereal delivery in our laboratory to make sure that all raw materials meet the high standards we promote.