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Fantanele Farm

Fantanele Farm was acquired by Premium Porc Group in 2011 and is located 200 km northeast of the capital Bucharest, close to the Black Sea, 45 km north of Constanta, in the village with the same name, Fantanele. The farm complex covers a total area of 15,5 ha, of which the farm site covers 10,0 ha. Built area used for pig production covers 35,632 m2.

Fantanele farm has 54 employees in production  facilities (including cleaning and night shifts).

Info about the production

Currently, there are 6,800 sows and 27,600 weaners in the farm, equal to an annual production of 220,000 weaners at the weight of 30 kg. The weaners will be transferred to Sibioara finisher farm,  located 25 km from Fantanele sow farm.

The farm has currently 20 buildings for reproduction, gestation, maternity and farrowing units.  7 buildings are new and 5 are fully renovated.

Farm Manager – Andrei-Ionut Penciuc