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The Sibiu farm is located in Vestem village, a few km. from Sibiu city, located in the central part of Romania. The project is based on an old and outdated large scale pig farm in Vestem near Sibiu. The farm was acquired by Premium Porc Group in December 2015.

The Vestem Farm will be turned into the largest slaughter pig site of Premium Porc Group by taking in and fattening the piglets from the Braila Farm.

The farm, Vestem, consists of 30.000 m2 buildings. Three of the barns could be used for slaughter pig production with a relatively small investment and is during February 2016 in production. The existing barn buildings and new buildings will be used again for housing the annual projected capacity of producing 171.00 slaughter pigs per year.

The farm is planned to be fully renovated starting with September 2016 to September 2017. The production startup (first finisher produced) is planned for October 2017. When the farm will be fully renovated, it will have total building area of 55,500 m2 from which 28,000 m2 will be reconstruction (brownfield) and 27,500 m2 will be new constructed (green field).