Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

We have based our business on development and operation of pig farms employing Danish know-how within professional pig production and breeding, using a thoroughly tested and refined business model which has proven that an efficient production can be managed even at long geographical distances. Premium Porc Group contributes to the local Romanian market with knowhow, capital, jobs and high quality pork, based on Danish genetics (Danbred).

Technology and genetics are important – even more important are the management systems we use!

Our management systems are focused on:

  • Detailed annual budgets, showing monthly figures. All follow-up on budgets are executed on a monthly basis regarding both constructions and production
  • Control of feed consumption is executed on a weekly basis. The feed consumption is registered every day and included in a weekly report, which is compared to the budget
  • The administration of production figures is executed by using the software program Agrosoft, and the production data is reported on a weekly basis
  • We benchmark with colleagues on other markets including Denmark
  • We have our own unique operating procedure manual.

All this to ensure that our production efficiency is amongst the highest in our line of business.