Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

As we are aware of the impact of pig production on the environment, we are trying to make everything possible to minimize the impact at all levels. To this purpose, we have made important investments mainly addressing our manure management system.

The main environmental impact from pig production is related to storage, handling and application of the manure onto the farmland. The overall environmental strategy of the farm is to utilize the pig manure as fertilizer on agricultural fields and not consider the manure as a waste product.

Application of the manure will be in compliance with Danish environmental regulations adjusted to Romanian climate, soil and cultivation pattern. The farm will observe the Romanian regulations for storage and application of manure.The manure will be separated by a mechanical screw separator, which separates the manure into a fiber fraction and liquid fraction and stored in  lagoons with a capacity of 40,000 tons per m3, which is corresponding to 9 months manure production and fulfilling the Danish requirement of storage capacity.

The liquid manure will be transported to the fields in closed tanks by truck or tractor trailer. The manure will be applied on the field by a manure tanker equipped with injector and/or drip hose system. The fiber fraction of the manure will be transported to the fields by truck or tractor trailer. The manure is applied on the land by a manure spreader.