Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

Agro Investments Moldova SRL was established in 2006 to fulfil the group’s desire to own and farm its own land; the company buys and manages farmland in Romania.

In Romania it is often necessary to buy many small plots of land and subsequently unite them in order to have a compact piece of land suitable for profitable farming. Agro Investments Moldova SRL possesses the necessary competences when it comes to Romanian conditions which are a precondition for implementing land transactions in Romania.

The strategy for managing land is based on low cost farming, signifying minimal costs on machinery, plowless farming and all variable costs are kept at a minimum. Slurry is a big asset keeping the fertilizer costs low and the output high – in order to create a profitable plant production. In order to improve our work, we intend in the near future to purchase more agricultural machines like tractors, trailer for tractors, etc.

Today, 2,000 hectares of farmland are run by Agro Investments Moldova SRL. The production includes corn, winter rape, winter barley, sunflower, winter wheat etc. All relevant crops are sold to Premium Porc Feed SRL at current market prices. Crops not used as feed for pig production, are being sold to well known customers as Cargill or Bungee. It is the goal of DCH International A/S to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency in grains and independence of slurry contracts.

Agro Investments Moldova SRL also handles the transport of the manure from the pig farms.

Agro Investments Moldova SRL is managed by Chief Operations Viorel Procoiu.

Chief Operations – Viorel Pricoiu

M. +40 731 796 793


Workshop Responsible -Ioan Virgil Zmeu

M. +40 742 565 712


Agricultural Engineer – Gheorghe Onescu

M. +40 731 491 407