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We are rapidly expanding in the market, constantly increasing our production capacity while also improving the quality of our services. Since it’s begining in 2006, the group had a continuous growth, always searching for new ambitious projects.

From 0 pigs in 2006 to over 400.000 in 2017, substantial expansion of production facilities was needed. And production capacity continues to grow, following our strategic expansion plan.

To support this fast rate, we closely plan and manage all the renovations, restaurations or new constructions, through our dedicated Project Investment team.

Besides project management and site supervising, the department has teams that asure building and equipment maintainance both inside as well as outside our farms.

For efficiency and conducting of work on multiple sites at once, we chose to subcontract selected construction companies.

As such, all our buildings respect the high standards required by the group and are customized to better suit the needs of our production division.

Vlad Butnariu – Project Manager

Responsible for all the investments projects in our group of companies.

Tlf. +40 799 731 422