Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

Our aim is to become a Romanian farming company that is breeding pigs and cultivates crops at high Danish standards. To this purpose, building and maintaining good relationships with local communities and authorities is vital to our business. Therefore, our company promotes the idea of shared value, which involves continuous focus on our ambitious growth plans and adding value to local communities by addressing some of their needs and challenges.

Our company complies with local regulations and ethical standards when it comes to animal welfare and environment protection. Moreover, our activities operate in accordance with the best practices for animal livestock and agricultural operations used by European top farms.

Being aware of the impact that our large scale pig production has on the environment, we are strongly committed to reducing any negative impacts that our operations might create on the surroundings. To this purpose, we continuously make all the necessary investments, we implement control and monitoring systems  and we show full transparency regarding our operations towards authorities and local communities.

We strongly believe that by doing as described above and using our employees as the company’s ambassadors in the community, we will achieve our mission of becoming an employer of choice in all local communities where we operate.