Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

Premium Porc Group is a Danish group of production companies, with expertize in establishing and managing full line pig farms in Romania following high production standards. The group operates large scale pig production in Romania since 2006. With over 400.000 pigs produced per year, Premium Porc Group is the second largest pig producer in Romania.


We operate within over 8 locations in Romania and we continue to further expand both through acquisitions as well as through internal growth. More information about our farms, the technology used as well as production results can be found in the Pig Production page.


We have our own agriculture division and crops production, which include a varied equipment fleet, with latest generation machinery. We create custom fertilization plans, using the natural fertilizer produced by our farms.

We have chosen to process the feed in our own feed factories, thus controlling quality and efficiency while ensuring that the end result meets our high standards.