Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

DCH International A/S currently operates from 2 locations. The headquarter with the company’s administrative center is located in Denmark. Production and selling units are situated in Romania.

Premium Porc Group, which consists of 6 sister companies, has its headquarter located approx. 170 km north of Bucharest and 5 km south of the town Focsani, in Vrancea county in the eastern part of Romania.  Degaro SRL , one of the 6 companies includes two farms, Sibioara and Fantanele farm, is located approx. 210 km east of Bucharest, in Constanta County. Negreni Farm is owned by Premium Construction SRL and is located in Olt County , 150 km west of Bucharest.

You can read more about our production on each location by clicking here Premium Porc Group