Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

Still a great demand for food products

The global and steadily rising population keeps increasing the demand for food products all over the world. Population keeps growing. Ans we eat more and more. A trend that seems to continue. Therefore, we are facing an immediate and genuine need to increase food production in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Our knowledge is worth building upon

Over the years, as well in Denmark as abroad, we have an accumulated knowledge about food production. And it is this know-how we use for professional pig production. From start-up and operational technology to strategic investments.

It is our own project managers, who are responsible for construction and renovation of our buildings. This ensures quality and cost savings all the way from the farm to the slaughterhouse.

Excellent growth and a profitable business

Since we began our productio in Romania in 2006, our growth is approximatively 25% per year. Our return on equity has been 12% on an average – with an increasing trend over the last few years. Our production efficiency and break-even are in the top 25% of Danish producers.

Pig production in Eastern Europe – a significant potential

Eastern Europe is one of the regions in the world where the potential for increasing our production is huge. For example in Romania: the local pig production has fallen significantly since 1989. Paraoxically, the demand for porc is steadily increasing. Pork is the Romanians preferred type of meat – and pork represents 50% of the total meat consumption in Romania.

The Romanians import nearly 40% of all pork they eat – primarly from other EU countries. Germany and Hungary supply approx. 60% of the total imported pigs. The Romanian market presents a significant potential. The market is strong and the opportunities are numerous. But the prospects for starting pig production on a large scale – and be a competitive producer are technically difficult and impossible to finance as an individual. However, DCHI can make it. We bring everything the local pig producers need to boost a profitable and thriving production: Know-how, technology, capital and Danish genetics.

Current projects

We continue to expand in Romania. In 2014 we started a significant investment program which will be completed in 2015. The objective is additional 100,000 pigs produced per year already from 2015.

In addition, we check the nearby markets that have a need for pig production and have attractive framework conditions. The plan is to start a new production in a new country within a few years.

Want to hear more?

Since 2001, we have expanded from being 13 shareholders and today we have over 80 different investors – primarly Danish farmers and companies with an international outlook.

We meet regularly with potential investors and tell them about our projects and opportunities. Potential investors get a professional insight into our growth plans. And we listen to them. The goal of the meetings is both to learn about other companies and industries as well as offering investments in our business.

Right now we are looking for capital to ensure continued growth in Romania, as well as to expand into another market.

You can download our brochure here.