Exporting know - how. Harvesting profit.

DCH – Farmers without borders

DCH International A/S is a thriving production company which was established in 2001. Here was established as a holding, the pig farm Canmark Family Farming Ltd. in Canada, as there was a great local demand for pork. The farm produces annually 50,000 Danish high – quality pigs. We have since expanded with four pig farms in Romania, which together produce 293,000 pigs each year. DCH also own our own feed mill, grain storage and construction company, which means that we are assured everything from healthy diets to low construction costs.

How we work at DCHI

At DCHI, we specialize in producing food. When we see a great local food needs, we are moving out to cover it and create a healthy business on the spot. Our expertise makes us extremely competitive and very successful in producing locally good Danish quality  pork meat – to a new and hungry market.

Why produce locally?

It makes sense to produce locally: The markets is supplied with knowledge, capital, workplaces, and of course high quality pork. Moreover, DCHI gets a huge commitment from the local staff and great support from the local community. This is a combination that ensures a healthy and efficient organization, with a good return.