- Develop and operate pig farms - Danish knowhow

Premium Porc Group is a group of  production companies, first established in  2006, with a strong expertize in operating large scale pig production. We produce 245,000 pigs each year and we are one of the largest swine breeders in Romanian.

We also grow our own grain, process it in our own feed mills, and produce feed to be used in our pig farms. This gives us a better cost control and feed composition for our pig production operations. Our project managers are responsible for building and renovating our barns, which guarantees high quality and cost savings. We do all these actions to achieve full integration along the value chain, from grain production  to delivery to slaughterhouse.

Premium Porc Group  consists of 6 companies and our  headquarter is located approx. 170 km north of Bucharest and 5 km south of the town Focsani, in Vrancea County, eastern part of Romania.  Degaro SRL,  one of the 6 companies,  includes two farms, Sibioara and Fantanele farm, and is located approx. 210 km east of Bucharest, in Constanta County. Negreni Farm is owned by Premium Construction SRL and located in Olt County,  150 km west of Bucharest.

Latest event in Premium Porc Group:

Slatina: Olt TV team visited Premium Pork Group farms from Vrancea county where our company has implemented several projects to protect the environment. Such investments are being implemented also at the Premium Pork firm from Negreni Olt. We invite you to learn about the technologies used and about the company’s plans in the report performed and broadcast by Olt TV.